Vastu Mahima


Magic is referred to as the art of producing a desired result by using various techniques.

Astrology, Vastu and Motivational counselling are those techniques which can bring magic into your life! Your every desire can be fulfilled once you get in touch with the untapped power within you.

Good and evil in your life are determined by your own thoughts.... you are the creator of your own destiny!

Mahiraa Jaan Pasha Astrology, Astrologer in Bangalore

How Vastu Mahima can support you?

  1. Take an appointment on 9953747398.
  2. Share your concern.
  3. We will analyze the problem and find it’s root cause.
  4. We will help you with the solution.
  5. A simple way to happy, healthy life.
Mahiraa Jaan Pasha Astrology, Astrologer in Bangalore


Wise utilisation of Astrological knowledge can help and guide you in daily life as well during important decision making process.

Mahiraa Jaan Pasha Astrology, Astrologer in Bangalore

Vastu Consultant

Vastu is the art of finding a balance between your activities and the energy forces surrounding you, ignorer to achieve the life you desire.

Motivational Counsellor

We remove your fears and negativity, helping you discover your potential and become an achiever in your field of interest.

Mahiraa or Ma, as she is fondly known as amidst her differently able students, is self-taught, self made Motivational Counsellor. She has been a light to many a dark souls for over 10 years, especially working with PWDs (People with Disabilities).

She fervently believes that any situation can be improved upon with a strong support system in place. She has always encouraged and motivated people to explore their abilities and the various opportunities that life never fails to offer.

Mahiraa says, “The universe is willing to give you everything… all you need to do is make yourself worthy to receive it” This is possible by following her simple and unique path of harnessing the infinite powers of cosmic energy. A positive impact has been created in the lives of several of her followers, through her profound guidance.